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Announcement 2015. April 23.

FHB Mortgage Bank Co. Plc.’s announcement on the actual interest rate of bond series FK16NV01 and FK15NI03.

Announcement 2015. April 20.

Information about the auction result of FHB’s Covered Mortgage Bond series FJ20NV01 dated on 20 April, 2015.

FHB Co. Plc's extraordinary announcement 2015. April 16.

FHB Mortgage Bank Co. Plc (registered seat: 1082 Budapest, Üllői út 48.; company registry number: 01-10-043638; hereinafter referred to as the „Company”) fulfilling its extraordinary disclosure obligation defined in section 55 of Act CXX of 2001 on ...

Announcement 2015. April 16.

According to Section 18§ (1) of Act XXX of 1997 on Mortgage Loan Companies and on Mortgage Bonds FHB Mortgage Bank Co. Plc. hereby informs its clients about the outstanding amount of its Mortgage Bonds and Collaterals as of 31st March 2015.

Announcement 2015. April 15.

FHB Mortgage Bank Co. Plc. hereby publishes the Public offering and final terms of the second tap of the Covered Mortgage Bond series FJ20NV01.

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